How to keep your furry friends healthy during monsoon

One of the most common problems pets face during the monsoons are ticks and fleas

How to keep your furry friends healthy during monsoon

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Like humans, pets are complex beings and have their own needs. They are susceptible to multiple health problems, many of which are seasonal. While the current monsoon season may seem like a well-deserved break of relief from the scorching summer heat, it might be a cause of troubles for our furry friends.

The impact of monsoons on your pet

One of the most common problems pets face during the monsoons are ticks and fleas. When on walks outside, the dirty mud that your pet comes in contact with can adversely affect its health. This is simply because muddy surfaces are a common breeding ground for parasites. Unwittingly, your pet can also bring these home or worse, ingest them.

Ticks are responsible for multiple health issues such as Lyme disease, paralysis, anemia, and fur loss in dogs. Additionally, they are dangerous to humans as well. Similarly, fleas can cause severe skin infections in pets, which can worsen if not treated quickly. They also spread quickly and are easily transmissible from pets to humans. However, parasitic infections are not always contracted from walks outside. Pet skins are sensitive to change in temperature and air moisture levels. As a result during monsoons, they tend to experience constant itching which leads to scratches and cuts. These cuts are particularly vulnerable to infestations by maggots and other parasites. If not treated in time, the infestations can become extremely serious and perhaps even fatal.

Like canines, feline skin is also sensitive to changing temperatures. Cat fur traps a lot of moisture inside, which makes them susceptible to a wide range of ecto and endo parasites. These include mites, which are extremely dangerous for their health. They are also vulnerable to fungal infections on their fur. As the temperature dips during the monsoon, they could be vulnerable to diseases such as Cat Flu. This condition, if left untreated, could lead to pneumonia, dehydration or even death.

What do pet parents need to keep in mind?

Pet parents must be cognizant of the health problems their pets can face in the monsoons and take appropriate steps to address them. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Make hygiene a priority: Keep your house clean and cool. In addition to this, wipe your pets with soft towels, especially if they have been outside. Areas such as the paws, the ears, the neck and the stomach must be cleaned thoroughly and kept dry since these are the most exposed and vulnerable regions of their bodies. Ensure that their enclosures are also cleaned regularly and kept insect-free.


  1. Mind the diet: A healthy and well-balanced diet is a must. Give them fresh food to help with good digestion and ensure they have access to Clean drinking water .


  1. Monitor your pet’s health: Most importantly, pet parents must monitor the health of their pets constantly, including checking for symptoms of infections. In addition to this, regular visits to the veterinarian and timely medication are extremely vital for their well-being.


  1. Keep them active: The monsoon season can be challenging for pets stuck at home. They might want to engage in physical activity but find themselves unable to do so. As a result, they often become lethargic. Hence, it is essential to keep your pets engaged through regular games and other physical activities.


  1. Offer emotional support: Pets are often frightened by unfamiliar occurrences such as thunder during the monsoon. In such circumstances, do not leave your pets alone. Try to keep them engaged and in a healthy emotional state.


The monsoon season brings joy to our furry friends, but many potential concerns too. To ensure that they stay healthy and happy throughout the rainy season, pet parents should exercise caution and prioritize preventive care.

The author is Director- Animal Health, Boehringer Ingelheim India. Views are personal.

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