British man claims he was tortured in Thailand Jail

London: A British National was mercilessly beaten and tortured by police in a Thai jail while incarcerated abroad.

Carl Gentry-Evans, 51, was on vacation in Phuket, southern Thailand, when a local gang targeted him and drugged his drink, turning his life upside down.

The unsuspecting Southampton man lost almost everything in the incident, including four teeth, according to images obtained by a Newspaper, which tell a dramatic story.

The story has prompted British Authorities to launch an investigation into the matter.

His alleged horrific abuse by Thai police is being looked at by British officials.

Carl claimed that just moments before being drugged and robbed, he had reserved housing in Pa Tong.

However, he was placed in a detention cell where he was allowed to fester rather than confront the muggers.

“At this point in my life, I’m totally f****d. I’m at a loss for what to do,” he told media.
Broken ribs, bruised limbs, septic infections, and painfully swollen wrists are just a few symptoms of what he went through.

Carl found himself in a two-day furious delirium before being imprisoned as a result of reportedly having his drink tainted.

His bank cards were stolen by the neighbourhood criminals involved in the scheme, who then emptied him of everything he had, or around £6,800.

Carl regained consciousness more than 48 hours later and discovered strange purchases on his bank statement.

He walked back to his former lodging by using the names of the shops.

He was intercepted by police when he arrived, who put him in a police van and drove him to jail.

Carl claimed that as they were driving, four police officers attacked him with metal sticks while the chief cop smashed his face.

Pa Tong Police has a murky past of alleged corruption, according to evaluations on Google.

Numerous complaints have been filed already on how officers allegedly target foreigners and demand exorbitant bribes.

The battered Brit claimed his suffering had only started by this time.

He allegedly sought to get a test done right away to demonstrate that he was not on cocaine neither in system nor in possession, he claimed.

But the authorities refused to his request and placed him in a cramped cell with old waste and faeces after they refused.

He was denied food and water and left in the hellhole overnight.

Carl claimed that when he asked the police for medical attention or to contact the British Embassy, they laughed him off.

“I was a hostage with no rights,” he told to the reporters.

In an effort to attract the attention of a foreigner outside the prison, he then used a lighter to set some trash on fire and yelled for help. Seven officers rushed into his cell after the desperate act to put an end to it.

He claimed: “They shackled me so tightly that the circulation in my arms was cut off. They put chains around my neck and attached it to either side of the jail.”

They then reportedly beat him for nearly five hours straight.

There was eventually some relief, but Carl claimed that throughout the distressing experience, he soiled himself.

He had diarrhoea, and it was embarrassing, he claimed.

“I was left there chained up all bloodied and cut up with my feet submerged in the faeces causing them to go rotten, “he said.

He further added that he panicked because he had no criminal record and that he’s never been brought into a police station for questioning.

“I thought I was going to get killed.”

The torturous conditions carried on for the better of seven days.

Carl was eventually given permission to call his sister in New Zealand, who made efforts to rescue him.

She informed the embassy and sent him an £800 wire to cover the cost of his release and immediate medical care.

The British man was not officially charged.

After being released from the hospital, a buddy gave him a loan so he could purchase some clothing.

The rest was spent getting a taxi to get his possessions and then going to Phuket police station to report what had happened.

He was then taken to the tourist police station from there.

He also claimed to have contacted the UK Embassy in Thailand, but they didn’t give much assistance to him.

He claimed that local police had mistreated him and had robbed him of £7,000.

Later, the English Daily newspaper contacted the embassy for response regarding Mr. Gentry-Evans’ assertions to which the officers replied that investigations is underway on the matter.

“We aided a British man in Thailand,” the officer added.

Carl was later rushed back to the hospital when his injuries got worse.

Without assistance from embassy employees, his sister made arrangements for him to board the ensuing trip to Birmingham, claimed reports.

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